Pass ATA02 Exam With Vaild Designing Blue Prism Environment ATA02 Exam Questions

Vendor Blue Prism
Exam Code ATA02
Full Exam Name Designing a Blue Prism Environment (Version 6.0)
Certification Name Designing Blue Prism Environment

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Version: 8.0
Question: 1

Which of the following methods would be a valid approach for capturing process execution errors?
(Select 3)

A. Calling an external program to send SNMP traps
B. Logging to event log and collecting via an external tool
C. Selecting “send to external monitoring tool” from the Blue Prism process designer
D. Generating emails from the process

Answer: A, B, D

Question: 2

What must be considered before operating multiple Runtime Resources on a single Windows
desktop? (select 1)

A. There are no conditions, only one Runtime Resource can be set to listen per Windows session.
B. Each Runtime Resource must listen on a different port and the processes which run on the device
must not impact other processes on the same device.
C. Each Runtime Resource must listen on the same port and the processes which run on the device
must not impact other processes on the same device.
D. Each Runtime Resource must listen on a different port.

Answer: B

Question: 3

What restrictions should be considered if using XenDesktop for delivery of the Runtime Resources?

A. Login Agent must be used to initiate the login to the device vs the Citrix Client
B. Only version 5 of Blue Prism is supported with Xendesktop
C. Login Agent is only supported from version 76 of Xendesktop, due to restrictions on 3rd party
credential provider support prior to this.
D. XenDesktop is not a supported platform for the Runtime Resource
E. Surface Automation will need to be used for all automations

Answer: A, C

Question: 4

What should be considered when configuring high availability and disaster recovery scenarios for
availability of Business Processes managed by Blue Prism? (select 2)

A. Resource pools and Active Queues can be used to distribute work to Runtime Resources which are
B. The Runtime Resources are “stateful” devices, therefore any failure or maintenance event should
also be taken into account in the process design and scheduling methodology
C. Using a load balancer and 2 application servers will ensure high availability of an automated
D. Use the setting within a Blue Prism Process to force a process to fail over to an alternative
Runtime Resource in the event of a failure

Answer: A, C

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