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Version: 8.0
Question: 21

Which component stores process performance data?

A. Process Center
B. Process Server Database
C. Performance Database
D. Performance Data Warehouse

Answer: D

Question: 22

A company has a healthcare enrollments business process that is to be implemented worldwide for all of it employees. Part of the employment process are a set of steps that the company uses in several other business processes. These steps may need to vary depending on the laws of different countries and the plans that are offered in each country. The company wants to have a single process that is followed in every country but needs to be sure that the portion of the process that is subject to local laws will comply with the laws of each country.
Which BPM component should the BPM application developer use to meet these requirements?

A. Subprocess
B. Linked Process
C. Dynamic Process
D. Event Subprocess

Answer: D

Question: 23

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A BPM Application developer is creating a coach view that allows other developers to reuse this coach view to create a flow on the Diagram of a Human Service.
How must the BPM application developer configure the coach view?

A. Enable the “Can Fire a Boundary Event” option in the Overview tab.
B. Enable the “Prototype-level Event Handlers” option in the Overview tab.
C. Create the following change event handler in the Behavior tab: this.contextthgger();
D. Create an IMD dependency to the Module in the behavior tab.

Answer: C

Question: 24

An insurance company has a claims process that is performed by a claims analyst and is due in 3 days. If the claims analyst has not completed the task in 4 days an escalation should be sent to a manager The claims analyst can still complete the task, even if the escalation has been triggered, and the manager should only be notified once.
Which configuration should the BPM application developer implement for the escalation timer?

A. Exhibit A
B. Exhibit B
C. Exhibit C
D. Exhibit D

Answer: A

Question: 25

A BPM application developer needs to create a coach view in a client-side human service where a user can look up a city without entering the entire city name. This coach view will use a stock control where a user enters a partial spelling of a city, and the control will automatically populate a drop-down list with the list of the matching cities. The data will be pulled dynamically from a database. What type of service must the BPM application developer choose as the selection service configuration option for the select coach view?

A. Ajax Service
B. Web Service
C. General System Service
D. External Implementation Service

Answer: B

Question: 26

A BPM Application developer is creating a reusable coach view that will be implemented using custom JavaScript. The coach will retrieve some of its data via an Ajax call. The BPM Application developer supplies a default implementation for the Ajax service that has two parameters.
How must the BPM application developer implement the invocation of the Ajax service?

A. As a JavaScript function call passing the parameter data as serialized XML
B. As a JavaScript function call which supplies a callback function to provide a parameter data
C. As a REST API call passing the parameter data as either serialized XML or serialized JSON
D. As either a JavaScript function call or a REST API call passing the parameter data as serialized JSON

Answer: C