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Version: 8.0
Question: 21

Which of the following statements describes the purpose of ndpmon?

A. it monitors the network for neighbor discovery messages from new IPv6 hosts and routers
B. it monitors remote hosts by periodically sending echo requests to them.
C. it monitors the availability of a network link by querying network interfaces.
D. It monitors the network for IPv4 nodes that have not yet migrated to IPv6.
E. It monitors log files for failed login attempts in order to block traffic from offending network nodes

Answer: A

Question: 22

Which of the following terms refer to existing scan techniques with nmap? (Choose TWO correct answers.)

A. Xmas Scan
B. Zero Scan
C. FIN Scan
D. IP Scan

Answer: A, C

Question: 23

Which of the following access control models is established by using SELinux?

A. Security Access Control (SAC)
B. Group Access Control (GAC)
C. User Access Control (UAC)
D. Discretionary Access Control (DAC)
E. Mandatory Access Control (MAC)

Answer: E

Question: 24

Which command is used to run a new shell for a user changing the SELinux context? (Specify ONLY the command without any path or parameters.)

Answer: newrole


Question: 25

What option of mount.cifs specifies the user that appears as the local owner of the files of a mounted CIFS share when the server does not provide ownership information? (Specify ONLY the option name without any values or parameters.)

Answer: uld=arg

Question: 26

What happens when the command getfattr afile is run while the file afile has no extended attributes set?

A. getfattr prints a warning and exits with a values of 0.
B. getfattr prints a warning and exits with a value of 1.
C. No output is produced and getfattr exits with a value of 0.
D. No outputs is produced and getfattr exits with a value of 1

Answer: C

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